5 Myths about Facial Plastic Surgery

  1. I am going to look un-natural and overdone.
    • Modern Facial Plastic Surgery is all about natural results. Our goal is to avoid an overdone, pulled, old-fashioned appearance to the face and neck.  With advanced techniques, we can lift tissues with long-lasting results while avoiding the tell-tale signs of having a procedure done.  By minimizing and camouflaging scars, avoiding any alternations to the ear lobe positions, and using safe and innovative techniques, we make a lifting procedure appear natural and soft. 
  2. It will be painful.
    • The discomfort after a procedure varies with the type of procedure. For minimally invasive procedures, the patient will only need Tylenol afterwards. For larger procedures, we offer a prescription pain pill that is usually needed for the first day or so.   
  3. I need a lot of downtime.
    • Downtime varies depending on the procedure and patient. On average, for a surgery, the downtime is about 1 week including laser/chemical peel, facelift/necklift, and eyelid surgery.  This is the peak time for some bruising, swelling and discomfort.  We minimize these and speed recovery with Vitamedica supplements including arnica and bromelain.  The sutures are removed at 1 week.  Patients are able to get back to their normal activities between 1-2 weeks.   For the Silhouette InstaliftTM, the downtime is 1 day with the patient being able to be out and about on day 2 after the procedure with full makeup. 
  4. Facial Plastic Surgery is only for older patients.
    • Younger and younger patients are seeing Facial Plastic Surgeons to slow down the aging process by focusing on prevention and maintenance. That is one of the core philosophies of Modern Facial Plastic Surgery.  There are a number of treatments, products and minimally invasive procedures that can be done overtime to slow down the aging process including collagen building, tightening, skin texture, reverse photo-damage/aging and add inside-out wellness for patients who aren’t ready for surgery.  Lifting will always be a part of reversing the signs of aging but it is important to incorporate a comprehensive approach to the aging face and neck as early as possible – even starting in your 30s.     
  5. Getting Facial Plastic Surgery is vanity.
    • It is difficult breaking through the mentality that cosmetic or aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery equals vanity.  For me - when I look good, I feel good.  I have more confidence.  I like to try new things. Everyone, no matter if you are in your 30s or 80s+ can and should have a Facial Plastic Surgeon as your "face person" - someone who can help with all aspects of face and neck aging.  I'm in my mid 30s and I worry about the best sunscreen to use because I had a malignant melanoma in medical school.  I stress about that tired look creeping around my eyes, dullness of my skin and complexion, and acne scars from high school and college.  Patients in their 60s worry about laxity in the skin, banding in the neck, jowling, deep lines, volume loss, photo aging from sun damage.  No matter where you are on the aging spectrum, you need a comprehensive, innovative, advanced, and - importantly - multidimensional approach to achieve the best treatment outcomes. 

Kaete Archer, MD Facial Plastic Surgeon

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