Am I a good candidate for a Facelift?

Am I a candidate for a Facelift?

Medical history

A Facelift is an elective cosmetic surgery of balance and judgement.  My goal is to perform safe, reliable procedures with beautiful, natural, long-lasting results for my patients.

During your consultation, any medical condition that may prolong or compromise the healing phase will be discussed including smoking, unstable heart disease, lung disease, and kidney problems. Smokers are required to stop smoking, at the least, one week before the surgery and at least 2 weeks after surgery.  Patients are not allowed to use nicotine patches during this period.  Patients may be referred to their primary physician to assist with smoking cessation. 

I routinely perform a Facelift under general anesthesia using a board certified physician Anesthesiologist to maximize your comfort and safety.  You must be healthy enough for general anesthesia.  Patients with pacemakers are usually able to undergo this procedure as well as patients who have had heart problems.  However, you must be must be doing well, stable, and cleared for anesthesia by your Cardiologist.  If you are interested in a Facelift but are actively dieting or losing weight, I recommend that you wait until you are near your ideal weight.  A loss of 10 to 15 pounds will not affect the overall results of the procedure but a 30 to 50 pound loss may result in excess skin becoming visible.  Any decrease in vitamin or nutritional intake may also compromise healing.    


During your consultation, we will carefully analyze your face and neck anatomy.  If you have a very obtuse or wide angle between your neck and chin, weak chin, small jaw, or thick, heavy skin, you may not be a good candidate for a Facelift.  These patients may still undergo the procedure but must have realistic expectations and goals that we discuss together.  Favorable facial characteristics include a strong forward chin, prominent cheek structure, good facial bone structure, full cheeks, shallow cheek/lip grooves, and healthy skin. 

If you are considering a Facelift, I recommend making a consultation appointment so we can review your medical history and do an examination.  We will discuss your questions and concerns and create the best plan to achieve your goals with a modern approach to facial rejuvenation and wellness.

Kaete Archer, MD Facial Plastic Surgeon

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