Passion and Facial Plastic Surgery

* What was the deciding moment that you chose to pursue a career in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery?

It was when I fell in love with the “reveal” - that moment after a rhinoplasty (nose job) when you remove the bandages and the patients see their nose for the first time; that moment after a facelift when the wraps come off and the patients see their new neck and jawline; that moment after a large reconstruction for skin cancer when you remove the bandages and sutures and the patients realize that it is so much better than what they were expecting! It was when I realized how much I could impact someone’s life is a really positive way.

* What is your most performed procedure, and the average recovery time for patients.

My most performed procedure is a facelift and neck lift.  The average recovery is about 7-10 days of downtime. Some activities are restricted until 2 weeks but patients are looking and feeling good by then.

* It’s your day off and you have the chance to do absolutely anything you want, how are you spending your time?

Day off! I do early morning yoga, grab coffee from Starbucks, and then head out to the beach with my umbrella and Kindle! Living part time in Florida on the beach keeps me balanced, centered, and warm! 


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