Facelift No.3

Dr. Kaete Archer, a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a practice on Park Avenue, is the pioneer of the Facelift No.3. Traditional facelift techniques only address one component of the aging process – gravity. There has been a worldwide fascination with Lipostructure (autologous fat grafting) and minimally invasive techniques that has swung the pendulum towards volume and autologous fat grafting – the 2nd component of aging face surgery. The 3rd component that is often neglected by surgeons is photoaging and chronological aging of the skin that includes rough texture, dull skin, thinning, sun spots, and yellow discoloration. Dr. Archer’s Facelift No.3 is the 3rd generation of facelifting that addresses all 3 components of the facial aging process – gravity, volume and photo/chronological aging of the skin. Her technique combines a deep plane facelift with tailored and custom Lipostructure, as well as microneedling with radiofrequency to safely tighten, smooth, and brighten the skin all during surgery. The combined approach does not add anymore downtime and may be safely performed simultaneously for complete facial rejuvenation. 

Kaete Archer, MD Facial Plastic Surgeon

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