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Dr. Archer participated in the Stanford University course "International Women's Health and Human Rights". Through this course, she met Samy Ahmed - a lawyer from Pakistan, fierce advocate for women, and founder of the Speak Out Organization.  Dr. Archer is an international member of the Speak Out Organization. 

Speak Out is a law-based, community development non-government organization (NGO) in Lahore, Pakistan, which is built to elevate the level of women and children's lifestyle.  The organization focuses on two areas: helping women victims of violence or injustice and promoting education for children.  The organization provides shelter to those women and children who have lost or abandoned their homes.  Once victims have shelter, the organization seeks justice and relief.  The organization prepares individual cases and assigns lawyers.  Most of the women who come to the organization are victims of domestic violence.  There are also women and children who are exposed to extreme brutality and need urgent medical attention.  The organization has a wing comprised of 6 doctors who handle these cases.  

The second focus of the organization is to promote education.  We locate families where children are forced to stay home because they cannot afford to pay the school fee.  We not only pay the fees for those children but also give them money in exchange for attending school.  This has helped in reducing child labor.  

The future goals of our organization are to expand the shelter area.   With sufficient publicity, we want to let everyone know that this is the place where they can reach help.  Most of the victims of domestic violence receive threats from their family members so we also plan to tighten the security so that they could feel safe in the shelter.  We also intend to build such schools mentioned above and awareness centers for women in rural areas.  




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