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Mini facelifts can improve the jowls and jawline by lifting, tightening and toning skin for a more youthful appearance. The Aesthetic Institute of Manhattan for Facial and Plastic Surgery, led by Kaete Archer, MD FACS, is a leading practice for mini facelifts for both women and men in and around New York, NY, offering top-quality, state-of-the-art treatment for optimal results.

Mini Facelift Q & A

1. What is a mini facelift?

Mini facelifts are facelifts with smaller incisions and less skin elevation.
This procedure has also been called weekend facelifts or extended weekend
facelifts depending on the amount of skin elevation. The incision is
camouflaged in the natural skin creases around the earlobe. Because of
smaller incisions, the downtime, swelling, and bruising are less than a
standard facelift.

2. Why are mini facelifts performed?

The jawline is one of the first areas of the body to show signs of aging
such as jowling and loose skin which can make you appear much older than
you feel. Years of sun and other types of environmental exposures, weight
gains and losses, chronic stress and disease, genetics, hormones, smoking
and other issues can contribute to aging in the jawline. Mini facelifts are
performed to improve these issues.

3. What specific issues can a mini facelift address?

Mini facelifts are best suited for patients with early signs of aging along
the jawline. Patients with advanced signs of aging such as significant
excess skin and platysmal banding are not the best candidates for a mini
facelift. Mini facelifts can address early issues that develop with age,

· Early jowling

· Minimal skin laxity along the jawline

1. What should I expect during a mini facelift?

Prior to any procedure, the facial and neck structure will be carefully
evaluated and patient objectives and expectations will be addressed to
ensure the best approach is used. The mini facelift or weekend facelift use
smaller incisions and less skin elevation compared to a full facelift. Mini
facelifts are performed as same-day or outpatient surgical procedures,
which means patients will go home shortly after their treatment is
completed. A mini facelift can be done under local anesthesia but we also
offer higher levels of anesthesia in a AAAASF-certified surgery center in
Manhattan. The downtime is a few days with minor swelling and bruising
possible. Discomfort is minimal but pain medication is offered if
needed. Care instructions will be provided and follow up appointments will be scheduled
soon after the surgery so the area can be assessed and sutures can be

5. What should I expect in my consultation?

In your consultation, Dr. Archer will review the technique, downtime, and
expected results of a mini facelift. Three-dimensional imaging is used in
her consultations to demonstrate possible before and after results. To see
her as a patient, please call us at (212) 971-1394.

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